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GSC Infra Solutions was established in 2010 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, with the purpose of providing the best Chemical Earthing Electrode, Gel Earthing, and Plate Earthing solutions. We have substantial areas of strength in India as a company. We have a in house team of copper-fortified manufacturing plant and a production department. Our products are manufactured in line with national and international ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our products are made under the supervision of quality control experts who ensure that only the best products are given to our loyal consumers. The expertise, high conductivity, and convenience of use of these items are well known. We don't accept anything less than excellence because we believe we must manufacture the best products possible to provide complete peace of mind to our valued customers. We attempt to follow a set of essential values and a mission across our business strategies and operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

An electrode is a component that is placed into the ground to provide an electrical connection to it. The copper-clad driven grounding rod is the most typical electrode. This grounding rod consists of a mild-steel shaft that has been thinly coated with copper and driven into the ground.

The most common performance criterion or specification used today is resistance-to-ground, sometimes known as "ground resistance." In the electrical world, anything that prevents electricity from flowing is referred to as resistance.

The earth's resistivity is measured through soil resistivity. Resistance-to-Ground is a measurement of the ground's (metal) electrodes.

A phenomenon known as a ground potential rise occurs when a large amount of electricity enters the earth. This is caused by lightning strikes, high-voltage line faults, and electrical substations.


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Our experts conduct extensive market research and determine our customer's various needs and requirements. These experts evaluate the products on a variety of levels for quality.

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High-Quality products are designed to replace traditional earthing solutions.


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To offer you complete peace of mind, we have a certified team of quality assurance professionals who constantly evaluate the product using a range of testing procedures

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